Connecteur Mini9 pour CI

Mini 9 series low-profile, 2 row miniature connectors with a staggered 2.54 mm pitch and 1.905 mm between rows are derived directly from the HE 809 series and share its characteristics.

- CMS variants: straight and elbow screwed or soldered to the board.



Insulator: Class UL 94 VO thermoplastic
3 to 75 contacts
Contacts: Cut out, copper alloy
Selective protection of contacts: Gold plated interface, rear part tinned
Stainless steel fixings
Climate category: -55°C/+125°C
Nominal current: 3 A
Coupling/decoupling torque: 0.14 to 0.7 N per contact
Sinusoidal vibration: 0/2000 Hz - 20 g effective - discontinuity < 2 ns
Sinusoidal vibration: 0/2000 Hz - 9 g effective - discontinuity < 2 ns.


Standard product
Excellent mechanical endurance: min 500 operations
Reduced thickness: 4.9 mm
Excellent vibration performance
Contact security on extraction > 1.5 mm


A dedicated 2mm product line

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