Founded in 1951, ATI Electronique has grown by producing diverse connectivity solutions and equipment for a high profile and exacting customer base.

ATI Electronique offer a catalogue of standards compliant connectors and customised connectivity solutions for unusual and exacting applications.

Military, aerospace, rail, industrial, medical... In all market segments ATI Electronique’s products reflect the company ethos: The alliance of innovation and quality.

Interconnexions was formed in 1970 by a business leader from the world of aerospace cabling and connectors.

Growing steadily since its inception, the company has equipped itself with the means of research, development and production adapted to the needs of the market.

Over the years Interconnexions has proposed a range of cabling and connectivity components adapted to the working environments and constraints of our customers, from individual components to complete interconnection systems.

Interconnexions has from the start been a partner to the major actors in aerospace, defense, rail and professional electronics.

The two companies combined in 2009 in order to combine their respective areas of expertise and provide a better service to their customers.

Since January 1st 2012, these two companies have a new identity and they are called ATI-INTERCO.

ATI-INTERCO joins CONESYS group in 2013.


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