HN series coaxial connectors

HN series high reliability coaxial connectors ensure the transmission of data signals from security sensors in environments subject to nuclear radiations.

The environmental constraints to which these connectors may be subject require special adaptation:

Behaviour in an ionising medium with absorbed doses greater than 5.106 Gy (unit of absorbed dose: a GRAY (Gy) – 1 Gy = 102 Rad)

Insulation resistance between the central contact and the external shielding greater than 1014 Ohms.

Extremely low shielding conduction resistance requiring a copper + stainless steel metal sandwich structure.

Use in an atmosphere with nitric acid vapour.

Use of cables with special insulators, double or triple braid, with an external diameter between 3 and 20 mm.


Body and male contacts: Brass or APX stainless steel produced under vacuum
Female contacts: Cupro-beryllium Ube 2
Seals: 75 sh. silicon elastomer or Viton/Kel-F/Buna N
Protection: 5 microns P. silver plating or 10µ nickel plating or gold plating
Insulators: Teflon PTFE or natural Polysulfone or Alumina AL 99
Packaging: Type EDF 5 YEARS or long-life packaging
Operating temperature: – 40° to + 200°C depending on the type of insulator
Maximum service voltage: 2500 VDC
Typical impedance: 50
R.O.S.: < 1.3 to 2000 MHz (PTFE insulator)
Radiation resistance: 5,102 Gy at 1010 Gy depending on the insulator type
Coupling torque: 5 to 10 Nm
Number of operations: 250

Sealed coupled connectors.
Radiation resistance.
Signal transmission reliability.

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