PCB coaxial cable terminations

These coaxial cable terminations come in 3 types:

Economic type

22200 series: Solder type
22300 series: Solder type
B514C series: Solder and crimp type

Shielded type

5600 series: Solder type
Semi-shielded type

22200 series: Solder type
B350C series: Solder and crimp type
B270C series: Solder type

5.08 and 2.54 mm pitch outlet
Brass body
PTFE insulator
Standard protection: Tin-Lead 60/40
Special protection: Nickel + Gold – Please check with us
Climate category: -55°C + 125°C
Severe humid heat 5: 21 days
Saline mist: 48 hours
Vibration: 10/2000 Hz – 20 G
Operating voltage: 250 V eff. 50 Hz
Voltage resistance: 500 V eff. 50 Hz
Insulation resistance: > 1000 MΩ

Time saving: No need for connection terminals and lugs
Ease of assembly: Cable preparation without special tools
Safe to use: Connection solidity obtained better than that of the cable.

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