Rocket connectors

Rocket connectors are fitted with 2 core contacts and shielding.

Made from high performance materials with high performance finishes, these connectors can be used in severe mechanical and climatic environments.

These connectors incorporate:

a cable
a thermo-retractable sheath
crimp and moulded contacts
signal transmission via a central contact and by continuity with the equipment
a splicing and spring fixing system
a jettison system via traction.


Mobile part:

Plug: Polyamide 6/6
Contacts: Copper alloy, Gold finish
Sleeve: Silicon
Cable: length 470 mm.
Screw receptacle:

Tube: Brass, passivation
Contacts: Brass nickel/gold finish
Spring: Stainless steel
Lugs: PTFE GF 25
Climate category: – 46° C/+130° C

Good mechanical resistance
Rapid cabling on equipment
Sealed plug
Good reliability in severe mechanical and climatic environments
Rapid and simple implementation.

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