2 or 3 rows HE 801/804/807 connectors

-parts connectors for HE 801 – HE 804 – HE 807 circuit boards are composed of 2 or 3 rows of single alternating staggered contacts with a 2.54 mm pitch.

The HE 807 series modular connectors following on from the HE 801 series are composed of sockets for special connections (coaxial, power, etc…).

HE 801 series: Cylindrical male contacts
HE 804 series: Flat male contacts
HE 807 series: Cylindrical male contacts and sockets for special connections.

Female contacts are identical in the 3 series.


17 to 96 contacts / 2 rows
144 contacts / 3 rows
Insulator: dyallil-phthalate with fibre glass
Contacts: Cut out, copper alloy, gold (Au) protection on nickel (Ni)
Support bar for large connectors not soldered to boards (72 to 144 contacts depending on the type)
Stainless steel or nickel brass fixings
6 position encoders, central fixing also coded
Climate category: -55°C/+125°C
Nominal current: 3 A
KMX3 coaxial connectors (for standard and non-standard cables or for IC)
Typical impedance: 50 Ω
Operating frequency: 0 to 1 GHz
Nominal voltage: 180 V eff. 50 Hz
Nominal current: 0.5 A
KMX3 or non-standard power connectors
Nominal current: 10 A – Special non-standard models: 20 A
Contact resistance: 5 mΩ max
Engaging/separating force of the KMX3 contacts: 1 = F = 15 N per pair (average ˜ 4 N)

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