3 rows HE 809/810 connectors

Rectangular connectors from the HE 809 series are composed of 3 rows of signal contacts:

alternating 1.27 mm pitch (staggered contacts)
pitch between contacts in the same row: 2.54 mm
pitch between rows: 1.905 mm contact side – 2.54 mm output side.
Modular connectors from the HE 810 series have in addition, depending on the body style, 3, 6, 7 and 10 standard sockets for coaxial, power or optical connections.


Insulator: dyallil-phthalate with fibre glass
Female contacts: Cut out, copper alloy, lyre type, gold (Au) protection on nickel (Ni)
Male contacts: Cut out, copper alloy, sabre type, gold (Au) protection on nickel (Ni)
Support bar for large connectors (80 contacts depending on the type)
Stainless steel fixings
6 position encoders, central fixing also coded
Climate category: -55°C/+125°C
Nominal current: 3 A
Standard KMX3 coaxial connectors for HE 810 (for standard and non-standard cables or for IC)

Typical impedance: 50 Ω
Operating frequency: 0 to 1 GHz
Nominal voltage: 180 V eff. 50 Hz
Nominal current: 0.5 A
KMX3 or non-standard power connectors

Nominal current: 10 A – Special non-standard models: 20 A
Contact resistance: 5 mΩ max
Engaging/separating force of the KMX3 contacts: 1 = F = 15 N per pair (average ˜ 4 N)

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