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Mounting flanges


Made from high performance materials with high performance finishes, these connectors can be used in severe mechanical and climatic environments, in particular in environments involving motors.

This range of aluminium alloy connectors incorporates: 
- various sizes of connector
- various coupling torques
- several fixing holes
- class A (black anode oxidation), W (olive drab cadmium) and F (chemical nickel).


Finish: Black anode oxidation
Fixing holes: 2 to 4 holes
With or without self-locking.


  • Light
  • No bimetallic couples
  • Gain in accessories (nuts, washers)
  • Assembly time
  • Self-locking screws
  • Good reliability in severe mechanical and climatic environments
  • Assembly or dismantling on connector that has already been wired
  • Cost reduction.

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