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EU Directives

ATI-INTERCO respect the european directive REACH.



The status of our companies with respect to the directive is the following: non manufacturers of “substances”, non manufacturers of “preparations”, “downstream users” and “producers of articles”. We are “downstream users” and “producers of articles” where the substances present in our articles are not destined to be disposed of in “reasonably foreseeable usage conditions” and are considered as such in the case of normal “industrial use”. As such, we are not obliged to pre-register the substances used in our preparations. Also, the substances listed in the PDSL (Priority Declarable Substances List) present in our articles represent a usage inferior to 1 tonne per year. We have turned to our suppliers and requested details of their actions in respect to REACH. Today we use the last candidate list published twice a year by the ECHA.

The case of cadmium chromate (cadmium + chrome VI) is linked to the W class of standards for connectors (Conductive coating and 500 hours in saline mist) and linked to the specifications of certain customers, who are obliged where possible, to specify a substitute.



The position of ATI-INTERCO consists of proposing all of our product ranges in a version “RoHS”. At ATI-INTERCO, we have chosen to follow the demands of the market. We also keep available the current versions of our products notably for the market segments where no technical modification to the product can be tolerated throughout its service life.

For most of our products, conforming to the directive RoHS consist of removing the lead from our surface treatments. It should be noted that many of our pieces treated with a tin-lead (SnPb) 90/10 coating are also available with gold (Au) coating. Since the 1st January 2006 all our catalogue is available in lead-free versions. All lead-free products have a dedicated reference and are marked as such. All our new products developed since the 1st January 2005 are RoHS compliant.