Micromin series 2 GHz miniature connectors

The 2 GHz – 50 Ω latchable miniature coaxial connectors offer an extremely reduced footprint and ease of installation despite their miniaturisation.

Their light weight and strong latching (10 to 30 Newtons extraction force) mean that they have excellent vibration resistance.

Tests at 350 g for 45 minutes have been conducted: with nothing particular to comment on.


Brass, gold plated nickel body
Treated bronze beryllium contacts, gold plated
PTFE insulators
Climate category: -55°C + 125°C
Severe humid heat 5: 21 days – R > 200 MΩ
Saline mist: 48 hours
Traction on the cable: > 58 N
Voltage resistance: 750 Veff 50 Hz
Insulation resistance: > 1000 MΩ
Contact resistance: < 6 mΩ
Terminology, rules of construction, test application derived from the NF C 93562 (KMC) standard
General tests according to the NF C 93001 standard
Complies with the CECC 22220-22221 standard.


Extremely reduced footprint
Ease of assembly
Excellent mechanical endurance: 500 operations
Excellent vibration resistance.

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