Power connectors with lateral displacement

Rectangular multi-contact 20A connectors for power supply boards are composed of 2 fool-proofed guides with 6 coding positions, contacts accommodating lateral displacement over ± 0.3 mm and with very low contact resistance.

These connectors are composed of:

a female motherboard connector for direct connection onto the IC
a male connector fitted with CMS type contacts.


2 fool-proofed guides with 6 coding positions.
Contacts: 20A
Coupling torque: max 3 N
Uncoupling torque: min 0.5 N
Mechanical endurance: 200 operations
Contact resistance: < 0.6 h
Climate category: – 55° C/+ 125° C

Very low contact resistance.
The guide mechanism acts before the contacts connect.
The motherboard contacts accommodate lateral displacement over a maximum of ± 0.3 mm by the male contacts during and after plugging in.

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